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Focus on the one-stop overall solution for the future injection molding plant !

Focus on the one-stop overall solution for the future injection molding plant !

Corporate News

Create a shoe wall to meet the joy of collection!


If a girl's dream

It has all kinds of bags

So boy's dream

Probably had a "shoe wall" of sneakers.

Use the "scale" effect

Satisfy yourself in the collection of happiness!


The rise of the shoebox

In our impression, the shoebox is only used to put new shoes in the box, at most can play a storage role, but now open Taobao search shoebox, the relevant brands have reached nearly 100, the more mature shoebox brands have supbro, goto, such as the earlier shoebox brands, as well as the original shoebox launched by the trend community of Dewu and Hupu. As well as some other popular gaming brands and players who have previously joined the storage circuit. cody (the founder of supbro), the initiator of shoe wall culture, said: shoe lovers buy shoe boxes, not only to store or protect shoes, but also an important role is to show, not only show shoes, but also culture and love.



Broad market

Public information shows that earlier in Li Jiaqi's live broadcast room, the trend shoebox GOTO was put on the shelves in only 3 minutes, and 60,000 shoeboxes were snapped up. Not only that, the hot shoe box also attracted Ma Yun's attention. At Taobao's Creation Festival in 2019, Ma visited the booth of supbro, a trendy shoebox brand. According to relevant data, at the later Cloud Habitat conference, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong also mentioned the new brand for the trendy shoe storage wall when describing the new creation and new supply to meet the new needs of consumers. The shoebox store merchants have said that even in the off-season of shoes, the shoebox market is still hot, and at present, the demand for luminous shoeboxes is strong, and more and more manufacturers are gradually entering.

Shenda Manufacturing

From traditional storage tools to trend-following items, the standards and functions of shoeboxes are constantly changing, such as the size of shoeboxes, materials, moisture resistance and new functions such as lighting and voice control. At present, most of the shoeboxes on the market are polypropylene, a colorless, tasteless, non-toxic thermoplastic synthetic resin with good wear resistance. And for the shoebox manufacturing, process and equipment is more important, shoebox has become a single product of young people's cultural pursuit, it can be imagined that they must have a meticulous pursuit of shoebox, no impurities, flow, bulge, smooth surface, good quality, high strength, good stability, etc., can withstand display and careful observation, these have also become a business consideration.


With the east wind of the trend, the shoebox consumption track has surfaced and become a new consumption outlet. At present, the demand for shoeboxes is strong, and a large number of businesses have entered the game. Europe and the United States shoe circle culture is more extensive, but there is no more mature shoebox market, in terms of China's current shoebox products, the future in the European and American markets may also have a large demand. Shenda has a lot of research on the market, but also actively seize the market, relying on a long history and high-quality products, to win the high trust of partners. In the future, Shenda will continue to provide partners with one-stop overall solutions for future injection molding plants.

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