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Focus on the one-stop overall solution for the future injection molding plant !

Focus on the one-stop overall solution for the future injection molding plant !

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Sound machine company trade union organization to celebrate the "38" theme activities


In March, the spring breeze brings warmth.

The annual "38" International Women's Day came as scheduled.

To pay tribute to the most beautiful female strugglers and give full play to the role of "half the sky",

The company union organized ". Spring warms half the sky, love in 38 ". Theme amusement activities.

Due to the busy production of the company, the activity on March 8 was changed to the rest day on March 11. After a week of hard work, the women opened a day of happy and full of joy in their own exclusive festival, and freely expressed their beautiful mood and feelings.

Beautiful Huzhou Yuanxiang town amusement park, green bamboo swaying wind, tall and tall pine towering into the sky. The lake was quiet and flowing. All kinds of new and exciting amusement projects make everyone happy and linger. Everyone was playing while walking, laughing and cheering to interpret their love for nature and praise for the activity


About 30 female workers participated in the event. It not only enriched the spare time life of female workers, alleviated the pressure of busy work, but also promoted friendship and deepened feelings, so that female workers fully felt the joy and happiness brought to them by the festival, and encouraged everyone to create new achievements with more enthusiasm and the best working state. Everyone said that in the Shenda family, we should actively contribute ". She power "; Support" Half the sky In order to promote the high-quality development of the company, women are dedicated to the sonorous force of men! (Writing by Sun Ke)

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